The Full Store Bundle

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The Full Store Bundle

Pat Basil | Strength Coach Solutions
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All of my products combined at a discount!

Over 140 coaches have found value in this bundle and you will too!

You will get..

The Strength Training Program Design Manual.

The how and why behind efficient program design.

Programming templates to plug and play exercises into.

Exercise library sorted by movement category to plug into the templates.

The Advanced Training Manual.

How to develop explosive strength power.

What to do when your athletes are "strong enough"

Understanding the concept of "specificity".

The In-Season Training Guide.

How to tailor intensity and volume during the game season.

How to program around multiple games per week.

How to plan training for multi-sport athlete.

The Sports Conditioning Manual.

Understand energy systems and sport demands.

How to make conditioning sport- and position-specific

How to develop speed and acceleration.

The Neck Training Guide.

How to reduce concussion risk through neck training.

Research and physiology why it works.

Neck exercises and progressions you can use immediately.

The Complete Offseason Strength & Conditioning Program.

A full 16-week offseason training program like I run with my teams.

Lifts designed in my efficient structure.

Conditioning sessions that will physically prepare but not annihilate your athletes.

A training program of the most basic variations appropriate for beginners.

How to pick your own weights and progress the lifts.

Frequently asked questions and instructions to follow.

The Home Workout Guide.

Pre-built templates to plug in body weight and simple exercises.

Sample programs with common household objects.

Exercise and equipment library to pick from.

6 total training guide PDFs.

The how-to and rationale behind my entire operation.

3 complete training programs.

Just like I program for my teams.

Semester-long Dynamic Effort percentage progression guide.

This is what I do with my advanced teams.

Season-long in-season percentage progression guide.

This is what I do with my in-season teams.

And more.

The Risk-Free Guarantee

If within 30 days of purchase you're not satisfied with what you bought, or it didn't contain what you were hoping to learn about, we'll set up a chat to talk through what you were hoping to learn.

If after reading the resource AND the 1-on-1 call you're still not happy with your purchase within 30 days, I will refund your money.

Either you get the answers you need or you get your money back. Simple as that.

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