Advanced Training Manual

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Take your program to the next level!!

The Advanced Training Manual:

Understanding and Applying Concurrent Training Methods, Explosive Strength Development, Training Transfer, Specificity, and Long Term Training Progression

  • What does it mean when an athlete is "strong enough?"
  • What do I do when they are?
  • How do I make my athletes continuously more explosive?
  • How do I keep my team explosive and powerful in-season?
  • How can I make our training more position-specific?

Learn about:

  • Explosive Strength and Rate of Force Development
  • Concurrent and Conjugate methodology and programming
  • The Dynamic Effort Method and how to apply it
  • Training transfer to the playing field
  • The concept of Specificity and how to apply it
  • Jump training progressions and guidelines
  • In-Season concurrent training and prescriptions to follow
  • How to apply these methods to athletes of all training levels
  • Full off season waves and progression templates
  • Easy monthly or block template programming for busy coaches 
  • And much more!

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FREE Bonuses!!

You will also get:

  • Full Offseason alternating Heavy Effort and Dynamic progression plans ($150 value)
  • Full In-Season Dynamic Effort and "Heavy Effort" progression plan ($150 value)
  • Sample Jump Training Progressions I use with my own teams ($70 value)
  • That's $430 worth of value - For only $49!

You will get:

The PDF eBook discussing advanced methods including how to translate strength to explosive power, concurrent and conjugate training methods, understanding the Max Effort, Dynamic Effort, and Repetition Effort methods. How to apply and program each method in the real world with examples of how I do this with my own program and teams for all training levels

Excel templates outlining full off season progression of Heavy Effort and Dynamic Effort prescriptions to plug into your program right now for both advanced and more novice populations. A full In-season schedule of alternating Heavy and Dynamic effort weeks

This is the next step in training that you've been looking for..

Get yours now!

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Advanced Training Manual

2 ratings
I want this!